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The Power Of Dialogue

We believe that the current methods to measure consumer behavior can be much improved. Consumers are just like people and they know quite well with whom and in what way they want to communicate.

The market research world is hindered by this. Consumers are increasingly hard to reach. Telephone research and face-to-face surveys are more or less dead and online research isn’t feeling very well either.

Consumers are less and less willing to fill out long and tedious questionnaires for which they first have to sit down with their laptop. “Participating in research is fine, as long as it is short and easy. And I also would like to know what happens with my input.” That is the conviction of the modern consumer.

On the other side are you, the researcher. You want to know, ever more quickly, what moves your consumers. And you want to be able to make this information available – preferably on a continuous basis – to your stakeholders.

Not so great

You are tied to the process shown in illustration 1, while you prefer the process in illustration 2.


You are tied to the process shown in illustration 1, while you prefer the process in illustration 2.

My Dialogues connects these needs of the consumer and the researcher with its new, unique tool. With mobile technology, that ensures that measurement and feedback take place real-time, at the moment of the relevant experience.

With our smartphone-app members of your target group can offer their opinions within seconds, by simply swiping. You can ask questions using our web tool and, through the reporting app, you can share the results real-time with all stakeholders. Fast, easy and with a lot more impact and actionability than the current methods.

With the mobile tool of My Dialogues you create an optimal connection with your customer, so that you have your client in your pocket.

  • Sensor Technology
  • Variety of Question Types
  • Participating is Fun Again
  • You Engage In a Dialogue
  • Your Look & Feel
  • Real-Time Insight
  • White Label App or API
  • Feedback
  • Reward Program
  • Reinventing research
  • Sensor Technology

    Push notifications – send your questions to respondents directly, using a personalized push notification.

    Bluetooth – With Bluetooth i-beacons you can establish contact with respondents who are in a certain area.

    Media player – You an offer photo and video to respondents.

    Camera – Personal material of respondents, photo and video, can be part of their feedback.

    Microphone – Use speech and other sound samples in the research.

    Speaker – Use the speaker for a multi-media experience.

    GPS – Know where your respondent is and ask your questions in the right context.

  • Variety of Question Types

    Multiple choice questions – one or more answer options possible.

    Open questions – with the possibility to categorize answers later.

    Proposition – with a simple swipe to the answer of your choice.

    Illustration – chose between various illustrations.

    Slider – chose a value on a scale.

    Date/time – fill out by using a calendar or clock.

    Ranking – order elements.

    Rating – convey sentiment by using a 5 star scale

    Numerical – enter a numeric value.

    Photo/video – upload a photo or video.

  • Participating is Fun Again

    At My Dialogues we realize very well that it is not always fun for a respondent to participate in research. Besides the fact that questionnaires can be long and boring, the way in which people are asked to answer questions is not very uplifting either. This is why we put a lot of extra attention to the fun factor of our app. Participating should be fun, firstly. This increases the willingness to participate, also in follow up research.

    Our questionnaires are short, too. We think it is better to approach the respondent a few times than to stuff all the questions in one long questionnaire. Shape a real dialogue.

    Also, the answering tools are adjusted to what people consider normal and pleasant. With a simple swipe, a movement on a scale, with a ‘click and drag’, using emoticons, et cetera. Respondents value these possibilities very much. It leads to high conversion and more involvement.

  • You Engage In a Dialogue

    Reaching your (internal) clients with the right question at the right time is a serious challenge. How do you reach your target group easily, fast and at the moment it matters? With My Dialogues it can be done efficiently, easily and very quickly, following these three steps:

    1. Select your target group using the filters, and have the possibility to use answers given to previous questions.
    2. Determine how many responses you want to receive. Our intelligent tooling dynamically adjusts the number of questions sent out.
    3. Determine which question type fits your question best.

    Send out the dialogue. Receive real-time results in both the dashboard and the mobile Reporter app. Of course the dialogues can also be taken care of by the My Dialogues team.

  • Your Look & Feel

    We realize, of course, that it is important for your brand or organization to be recognizable within our platform. That is why you can have your own page within the app, which you can style yourself. With background information about your goals with My Dialogues. Not only at the brand level but for each individual dialogue.

    Your dialogues feature your logo and colors. Also the push message sent to the respondents contains the name of your organization or brand.

    Not only the app but also the web tooling and mobile Reporter app can be adjusted with colors and logo elements of your brand or organization.

  • Real-Time Insight

    So now you can enter into a dialogue with members of your target group in a short and easy fashion while using their favorite device. The real-time factor of having a dialogue with My Dialogues are a big benefit as well. Never has your customer been so close. After sending out your question(s) you can see the answers stream in via the Reporter app and on the dashboard. You can use these to ask follow-up questions dependent on answers received.

    On top of this, the results can be made available to all relevant stakeholders using the Reporter app. In this way, they too, will have the customers in their pockets. Having the results continuously available to the stakeholders increases both reach and use of these results.

    If you want to use your results in a presentation, it is possible to download not only the data but also the infographics, with the click of a button in the web tool. Paste them into your presentation right away!

  • White Label App or API

    You can ask the participants of the My Dialogues Panel your questions. Or maybe you prefer to engage in a direct dialogue with your own clients. You can use our “white label” or our API interface.

    A “white label” offers you your own entrance to our platform, including your own version of the app. This includes a lot of freedom in the use of logo’s and colors. This app will be available in the App store (iOS en Android) using your own name. You can invite people for your dialogue and grow your own panel. Of course you can also get assistance with this.

    With an “API” it is possible to integrate the My Dialogue tooling in your existing app, so that you can engage in a dialogue with your customers easily and quickly, without them having to go to a separate app.

  • Feedback

    At My Dialogues we believe that people are willing to share their opinions, if some conditions are met. Our research shows that offering feedback to respondents makes a huge difference. Respondents are not very accustomed to such immediate feedback yet. And certainly not right away on their own phone. We made it very easy to offer this. Not only can you show the infographics resulting from respondents’ answers but you can also close off each section of a dialogue with a brief message explaining what you will be doing with the results. This option has been shown to be very much appreciated by respondents.

  • Reward Program

    The consumer rightfully wonders why he or she would participate in any survey that is sent their way. “What’s in it for me?” is a legitimate question for them. Elsewhere on this site you can read that surveys should be short, easy and fun and should also be done on consumers’ favorite device, the smartphone. By making sure that their opinions matter and by telling them what you will do or have done with their valuable input, you will be able to offer them a different experience.

    There is also the possibility to reward respondents. This can be done in various ways, depending on your preference. If you want to offer rewards, My Dialogues takes care of handling this for you.

  • Reinventing research

    In short: With our realtime mobile research tool, a whole array of new possibilities opens up. Possibilities for more and better communication. And all of this real-time! Imagine for instance that you can ask members of your target group, during a meeting, about their preference for one type of packaging or another. And that during this meeting answers start coming in already! Or think about involving participants to an event. You can do this before or during the event (you could show results on the screen too). It was never this easy.

    We take care of hosting and support. And keep working on further development of our tool, in collaboration with our clients. Use this to your advantage! We enjoy thinking with you about the ways in which you can optimally use our tool for your organization’s benefit.

We Are Agile Proof

Organizations want to be more agile and respond more quickly to changes in their environment, while putting the customer first. My Dialogues seamlessly meets these desires. With My Dialogues you can involve a small or large target group every step of the way. Answers to the questions asked through the My Dialogues app come in real-time and are shown in clear visualizations. The realtime mobile reporting can be used to immediately get to work in order to make you product or service meet your target group’s expectations.



We are proud to work with great and innovative teams on our platform. Together with our clients we are improving our platform every day.

With ABN AMRO we launched the business Reporter App which connect all stakeholders realtime with the results and outcomes of the ongoing dialogues.

Are you curious what our clients think and experience with our platform? Give us a call and we will lead you to them.

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